• Qi Aerista

    Smart Tea Brewer for Every Type of Tea. Hot brew, strong brew and cold brew your favourite tea to perfection!


    $235,310 USD

    260%1,329 backers


    The smart device that teaches you guitar. FRETX, the best way to start learning, following lights on the fretboard of YOUR own guitar!

    $152,815 USD

    225%1,670 backers

  • Glance Clock

    The world’s smartest wall clock. See what you need. When you need it. It automagically shows you the right information at the right moment.

    $460,207 USD

    908%3,956 backers

  • Shoka Bell

    The ultimate city cycling tool. Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way wit Shoka Bell, the ultimate bicycle bell.


    $200,819 USD

    267%1,673 backers

  • The Superbook

    The superbook is a shell that turns your android smartphone into a complete laptop.


    $2,952,508 USD

    5905%16,732 backers

  • Up&Go

    HD action cam with obstacle avoidance and GPS auto-follow to take breathtaking videos.


    $291,686 USD

    475%958 backers

  • Cinemood

    Storyteller for early kid’s development. This small magic box will blow your kid’s mind.


    $165,465 USD

    158%632 backers

  • UHK Keyboard

    Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. A fully programmable, open source, split mechanical keyboard.


    $510,022 USD

    212%2,973 backers

  • CulCharge

    Charge your smartphone with the world’s smallest 1000mAh powerbank, charge data cable on your keys.


    $118,106 USD

    172%1,091 backers

  • Codie

    Cute personal robot that makes coding fun. Learn coding with a cute & advanced personal robot.


    $96,306 USD

    115%668 backers

  • Ezee Cube

    EzeeCube automatically stores & organizes your movies & music library from DVDs, CDs or Hard Drives.


    $220,384 USD

    196%1,348 backers

  • CreoPop

    Cool Ink. Infinite Creativity. CreoPop is the world’s first 3D pen with cool ink. The possibilities are endless.


    $213,852 USD

    464%1,034 backers