Best Cyber Monday Deals for Smart Home and Tech


Hopefully, your Thanksgiving was full of turkey and lots of leftovers. This year’s Black Friday had a lot of great deals mainly with clothes and early discounts on home entertainment. But most people wait for Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday has changed over the years. When it first started it was strictly all about TVs, computers, and video games. Now with online shopping becoming the primary way for people to buy discounted items, all retailers are starting to focus less on Black Friday and giving the best deals on Cyber Monday.

Take a look at some of the best deals available for Cyber Monday. Remember that a lot of these deals are time sensitive.

Google Home


Google’s biggest step into the smart home is the recently released Google Home. The voice-activated speaker connects to your Google account and Google Assistant to answer all your questions, play music from your favorite music apps, and control other compatible smart home devices. The speaker on Google Home is surprisingly robust with better than average audio quality for a device so small.

Regular Price: $129
Deal Price: $99 (Google Store)

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Glance Clock

glance clock

On their recently Indiegogo campaign, Glance Clock blew past their original goal and is now on InDemand. The smart clock connects via Bluetooth to display your most important notifications – right when you need them. It removes the need to constantly check your phone and can show your schedule, weather, and even an arriving Uber ride.

Regular Price: $149
Deal Price: $99 (Indiegogo)

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Amazon Dash

amazon dash button

Amazon Dash is a “Wi-Fi connected device that reorders your favorite product with a press of a button.” This means that when you’re about to run out of something, you can quickly reorder it through Amazon without having to purchase it through the app or web. Amazon is offering the Dash for $0.99 with a $4.99 credit after your first press.

Regular Price: $4.99
Deal Price: $0.99 with $4.99 first press credit (Amazon)

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Ever wanted to actually learn the basics of guitar, but don’t know how to read chord books and YouTube videos work too fast? You should give FRETX a try. It’s a smart device that attaches to an acoustic or electric guitar and shows you where to place your hands through a connected app and lights on the fret board. The connected app contains tons of lessons and you will be able to import songs from YouTube to learn how to play them.

Regular Price: $89
Deal Price: $49 (Indiegogo)

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Arlo Security System


Home security is a big concern for a lot of people. In the past, in-home cameras took a specialist to install these systems because of the cords and hub required. Now with smart home improvements, security is something that you can do yourself. Netgear’s Arlo Security system includes wireless cameras that work in and outside the house, are motion activated, and contain night vision. The two camera system has a big discount on Amazon so if you’ve been on the fence, now’s the time to get a system.

Regular Price: $349
Deal Price: $199.99 (Amazon)

Buy Arlo Security System – 2 Wireless HD Cameras

Qi Aerista Smart Wi-Fi Tea Maker

qi aerista smart tea maker

The Qi Aerista is a Wi-Fi connected tea maker that can make various types of tea that other tea makers cannot. While most people simply boil water, if you’re a tea aficionado who loves many different types of tea, you know that the world of tea is huge. Qi Aerista can make hot and cold brew tea and with six included presets, it covers the most common types of tea. But if you have a particular preference, you can customize your settings in the app to your specific tastes.

Regular Price: $239
Deal Price: $116 (Kickstarter)

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Revl Arc


It seems as time goes on GoPro isn’t evolving their cameras and more going the Apple route of iterations. This means that other action sports camera companies are quickly leaving them in the dust. Revl Arc is one company who are going after image stabilization. The camera is the “first 4K action camera with built-in stabilization.” Revl Arc includes both a physical and electronic image stabilization system to ensure that your video is always perfect. The connected app lets you edit on the go o you can share an amazing shot without the need of extra expensive software.

Regular Price: $499
Deal Price: $374 with CyberMonday2016 coupon code

Buy Revl Arc

PlayStation 4 Pro


Sony’s upgrade for the PlayStation 4 brings improved graphics and 4K video output. While it’s more of a mid-life update, games for PlayStation 4 are receiving patches to take advantage of the better hardware. With 4K and HDR, games look even more amazing. Also online streaming like through Netflix is now 4K capable. If you don’t own a PlayStation 4, the PS4 Pro is the one to get.

Regular Price: $399.99
Deal Price: $340 (Target)

Buy PS4 Pro


Chromecast Audio


Google attempted to join the smart home through streaming many times. It wasn’t until it introduced the Chromecast when Google found a winner. The $35 HDMI dongle connected to your TV or receiver and cast video and music from apps. You could also cast games from your phone to your TV. Google also released the Chromecast Audio, a device that connected to any speaker with a 3.5mm jack to cast your music app. With compatible cables, you can also connected through RCA and optical ports.

Regular Price: $35
Deal Price: $25

Buy Chromecast (Google)

Buy Chromecast Audio (Google)

Woot Off!


Woot! is a place to get heavily discounted deals across a wide variety of items. Now owned by Amazon, the company still operates the same way it did before they were acquired. A Woot-Off! is basically like Amazon’s Lightning Deals where a limited number of a product are for sale and once it sells out, another item takes its place. If you’re looking for some excellent deals, check it out throughout the day.

Regular Price: Varies
Deal Price: Heavy discounts


These are some of the best Cyber Monday deals available today. Remember that most of them are time sensitive so you don’t have a lot of time to pull the trigger to get them. Happy Shopping!

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