Crowdfunding Spotlight: FRETX Is a Smart-Device That Gives You Guitar Lessons

FRETX hero

Have you ever tried picking up an instrument just to give up on it after a few weeks? It’s a common problem that FRETX wants to solve for guitar players.

FRETX is a unique device that teaches you how play chords and songs by using LEDs. Simply strap FRETX on your guitar and you’re ready to start learning guitar.


The device communicates via Bluetooth with an app on your Android or iPhone. You’ll be able to download new lessons, songs, and to track your progress. The app even listens to your playing to give immediate feedback, which is one of the ways FRETX helps overcome the frustration of learning guitar. By getting feedback immediately, you can implement a new technique instead of making the same mistakes over and over again.

We can’t all afford music lessons, but FRETX is a simple and effective way to start learning guitar basics. You’ll be able to pay for a subscription inside the app to access more lessons and songs, so FRETX will grow with you.

FRETX installation

You’ll need your own guitar or you can purchase a $200 bundle that includes FRETX and a Squier SA-105 Acoustic guitar. Battery life is estimated at around 48 hours on a single charge. FRETX will work with acoustic, electric, and classical guitars.

You can find out more about FRETX and back the project on Indiegogo right now. FRETX hopes to start production in January 2017 and to ship to backers by May 2017.

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