How to Prepare Your Crowdfunding Campaign’s Social Media

Qi Aerista InstagramThere are a lot of checklists to complete when preparing your crowdfunding campaign. Besides the product, you need to have a great website that’s informative for potential consumers.

But you can’t forget about social media. You have a lot of choices with social media. Do you stick to the old guard like Facebook and Twitter? Or focus on Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat?

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To decide which platform will work the best for you, you need to consider your product.

Who is the primary demographic? Who are your users? What platform do your specific users use the most?

It’s these questions that set the foundation of your social media presence.

But even before starting a Facebook page or Twitter account, the company should ask “what is our voice?”

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This first question will trickle down into everything you do on social media. From your posts on Facebook, videos on Instagram, @mentions on Twitter, and stories on Snapchat, your voice must be consistent.

You should also take time to consider which platforms will be the most beneficial. Would joining Pinterest and developing an account bring more conversions to your website? Should you create a company specific Reddit account and create conversations with the distinct goal of sharing your crowdfunding URL?

In these cases, likely not. You don’t need to be everywhere all at once. Even with a full time social media person, they are likely to get burned out if they have to create content, schedule, monitor, and reply for seven plus hours a day.

Choose the platforms that maximize discovery. The standards should be Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is good as well if the account is maintained.

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What about Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, Google+, and others?

If there is a significant community on those platforms, then definitely make plans to build accounts there. But don’t think being everywhere will result in success.

Remember, deciding the voice of the company is one of the most important decisions that you will make. Anyone who is involved with social media should understand how to post, comment, and share comment with that consistent tone.
Social media isn’t a quick project. It’s a time consuming, but very important aspect of your upcoming crowdfunding campaign. You’ll find that social media offers potential backers a place where they can ask questions, voice concerns, and get an early idea of what your crowdfunding campaign will be about.

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