So You’ve got featured on Producthunt. Now what?

Getting featured on can bring a lot of traffic to your project/campaign page. Some crowdfunding projects we posted got more than one hundred backers from it.

Here are the steps you should do to maximize the impact and get as much as possible out of it:

Indiegogo Referrals from Producthunt Posts
Some campaigns got more than 100 backers from a Producthunt Posts
  1. Register a personal account (Your CEO preferable) on Producthunt and ask your hunter to add you as a maker. This should be a PERSONAL account – someone with a NAME and a FACE – Producthunt is a community of people and being human will increase your chances of getting on top.
  2. Introduce yourself at the product page with a short description of the product, tell why you’ve created it and invite people to ask questions. (Some good intro inspiration by Elnaz Sarraf:
  3. Send a newsletter to your email base, tell them you’ve got featured on Producthunt, and invite people to join the discussion (don’t ask for direct votes, instead try to make them ask questions, votes will follow naturally).
  4. introduce a special (a secret perk) for the Producthunt community.

It’s vital to do everything before midnight PST. If you manage to get into top 5 of the day, you will get an official producthunt badge and will most likely get into the daily newsletter, which is going out all producthunt subscribers.

Good Luck!

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