Why You Should Start Your Blog Before Tackling Social Media


Social media is a living thing, kind of like a coral reef. There’s an unique and precarious balance that’s very easy to throw that off. Your social media strategy is designed to be a pit stop, not the final destination.

Visitors should get a vertical slice of information before moving on – preferably to your website or crowdfunding campaign. Remember that each social media platform is its own ecosystem. Like quicksand, it wants to suck you in and keep you there. Your job is to get them to leave and focus on you.

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This is why you should maintain a company blog. The blog is a window into the company that isn’t limited by the constraints of social media. With social media, everything you share competes with everything shared by everyone else. A fan might only see 10% of what you post, but what about the other 90%? They may miss a great piece of information or campaign update because you don’t have a destination for them.

Photo Credit: Mashable
Photo Credit: Mashable

Your company blog forms a direct connection with your audience. It allows multiple people to have a voice and offer their expertise. Blogs are also excellent for Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

SEO is tremendously important for a successful crowdfunding campaign. The biggest catch is that SEO is tied to great organic content. You can’t game this system, no matter how hard you try. Posting the same content repeatedly on Facebook and Twitter will eventually come across as spam. With a company blog, you can provide your potential customers with information they are interested in and be shareable across all social media.

Successful crowdfunding campaigns are transparent campaigns. You should share experiments, successes, and other content that gives your company personality. Provide deep dives into the idea of the product or answer questions from the public. Giving this content a place to live gives people a destination to learn more about the product, which will increase the chances of them backing your campaign or pre-ordering your product. This also allows you another opportunity to engage your potential customers.

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During a crowdfunding campaign, the blog serves as a way to provide updates. Kickstarter’s updates provide a separate URL, but Indiegogo uses the original campaign URL. This means when you share content, you could either be offering a new URL (Kickstarter) or unintentionally spamming a URL (Indiegogo). If you’re sharing on Twitter, URLs aren’t a problem, but Facebook won’t like it if you repeatedly share the same URL, even if it’s a campaign link.

Also, you’ll want to keep a history of your own updates on your blog. Once the campaign is over, the campaign page isn’t a necessary destination and pre-order customers should come to your website instead.

The best feature of a company blog is that you can talk about anything you want. Are you working on a new type of headphone? You could review current ones or talk about the technological improvements your product provides.

Thinking about creating a kitchen gadget? Why not talk about the history of the kitchen through the evolution of appliances? Eventually you will connect with your own product and it will display how much research you’ve done, establishing you as an expert. Even better, you can improve your idea for your product or campaign through user feedback.

Emails, social media posts, and ads will only go so far to reach an audience. A blog should exist before and after your crowdfunding campaign with the purpose of continually connecting with your customers.

A company should always be engaging its audience. You need to value them and their feedback. The problem is that if you only rely on social media or email, you might send an important message that gets lost in the noise.


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